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I/we donate to the Städel because …

"we want to give something back.”
Hans Ulrich and Nicola Elsner, Frankfurt

"it’s my favourite museum.”
Dietmar Staab, Frankfurt

"it offers a wonderful exhibition programme and I’m looking forward to even more contemporary art.”
Christina Braun, Melsungen

"it awakened my love for art.”
Frank Feder, Trier

"culture in Frankfurt is a matter close to my heart.”
Helmut Trott, Langenselbold

The progress and successes achieved by the museum in the past months and years were only possible because we had so many people at our side. Their reasons for donating are manifold. Join our circle of supporters! Your donation – regardless of the amount – is an expression of your solidarity and helps us to finance our day-to-day operations as well as important special projects such as the Städel expansion.


Sophia Athié
Head of Fundraising
Phone +49(0)69-605098-231
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