Ecce Homo


Mixed technique on oakwood
Inv. No. 1577 (Property of the Städelscher Museums-Verein e. V.)

71 × 61 cm

zur  Biographie

Bosch painted his depiction of Jesus scourged before the people as a commission for a family of donors who were originally represented in the bottom corners of the work. These figures were damaged and painted over, probably as early as the sixteenth or seventeenth century. The remnants visible today were only exposed a few years ago. Their varying scale is reflective of their importance. Thus, the children are painted much smaller than the father and one of the sons, whose tonsure clearly shows him to be a monk. The latter is also the bearer of the inscription, which formulates the donors’ prayer in Latin: “Salva nos Christe redemptor” (“Save us, Christ, Redeemer”).

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